stop motion spotlight: buen retiro park, madrid

Whilst living in this disastrously beautiful city, I got bored with all the picture taking. I also felt like it didnt really capture the essence of what it felt like to walk around, with music in your ears and people whizzing here and there. I decided to up the ante with my travel chronicling and dip into stop motion making. This video is what culminated. Hopefully if you are living in Madrid, or are going to travel here soon, you will take a trip to this park. Its hard not to hear about this place when asked what to do in Madrid, but there is a clear reason for that. If you are interested about the park and want to know all the informative/historical dirty deets then read on below.

Buen Retiro Park — which is translated to Park of the Pleasant Retreat — is situated right near the Prado Museum and the Puerta de Alcala (which if you haven’t seen at night is definitely something worth checking out. There are restaurants situated near the monument where you can sit while you gaze at the whizzing cars and night lights that illuminate the area). Anyways, this park is pretty magnificent as it has over 350 acres of land, galleries, sculptures and one very peaceful man made lake (previewed in the video). You can even rent a boat and paddle around the lake as you realize you really need to work on your upper body physique. And yes, the very girly side of me definitely thought of the boat scene in, “Bridget Jones Diary” and wished Hugh Grant would jump into my boat, cigarette in mouth and beer in tow; But I digress. The park also allegedly has the only public monument of the devil which is represented as Lucifer falling from heaven, which I find oddly endearing. To all my English Majors out there: “It’s Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” amiright? Furthermore, the park once belonged to the Spanish monarch until the late 19th century where it became a public stomping ground to all the peasants like me. The park is open every day and is accessible by the Line 2, Retiro Stop. Head on over, travelers!


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